My inner voice inspired this creative project and I followed it. In this album, I revisit 10 Mantra(s) that I love to chant in my daily life and in my yoga practice, alone or with my students. For each one, I wanted to record an “a cappella” version in its traditional Vedic chant form. And then to mirror it with a freer, more personal interpretation of the same mantra, accompanied on the piano. The result is 20 tracks that I hope you’ll enjoy listening to and discovering.

1 Sarvesam

2 PianoSarvesam

3. 5Oiseaux

4 Piano5Oiseaux

5 MaBhuma

6 PianoMaBhuma

7 MantraTerre

8 PianoMantraTerre

9 Puspam

10 PianoPuspam

11 Gayatri

12 PianoGayatri

13 MaAhamRajan

14 PianoMaAhamRajan

15 MantraSoleil

16 PianoMantraSoleil

17 Purnamadah

18 PianoPurnamadah

19 Sahana

20 PianoSahana

Sarvesam : Mantra for Peace

Mantra des « 5 Oiseaux » : Reference to the “5 energy bodies”

Ma Bhuma : Mantra of the “Inner Mother”, often sung for pregnant women

Mantra de la Terre : Anchoring, Mother Earth

Mantra Puspam : Energy of Creation, Water element, Nature… the “House-Body”

Mantra de la Gayatri : Feminine solar goddess of wisdom, discernment, positive power

MaAhamRajan : “I am a king/queen”, within me there is something greater than myself

Mantra du Soleil : Energy, health, healing mantra, strength

Purnamadah : Mantra for Peace

Sahana : Protection and commitment to practice (sung at the beginning or end of classes)

Here is an extract from my album :


The “Mantr’Ames” album is on sale for 20 chf/eur, in the form of a CD and/or a downloadable audio link, which I’ll send you (write to me at to order it). You can pay either by Twint (for Swiss residents), via Paypal or by bank transfer.

On streaming platforms, you can find three tracks from the album.