Inner Voice

Your intuition, also known as your inner voice, is your best ally, friend and confidant.

It is the wisdom within you, a source of peace and love that has always been with you, linking you to your childhood, right up to the present day. She knows you better than anyone. It’s you, of course, and at the same time it’s “bigger than you”. Because it’s connected to a source and presence that’s beyond us, and that the rational mind can’t fully grasp. To connect with it, we need to leave behind the world of thought, of the mind, of logic. This is of course precious and useful for certain aspects of our daily lives. But to connect with our intuition, we need to put it to rest. And to anchor ourselves more deeply in our body, our breath and our emotions.

By taking particular care of our exhalation, and by focusing our attention on the place in our body where we feel this intuition (the heart, the belly, or any other familiar place), we can deepen this intimate, complicit and trusting relationship with our inner voice. We can nurture this relationship through writing (“pings”, “letters to my intuition” for example, free writing), through meditations, through individual sessions of connection to our intuition. By letting go of resistance, which translates into emotions in the body, we gradually come to anchor ourselves “deeper” within ourselves, in the sense of depth, and let go of the “head” world of thoughts that often monopolizes our attention and takes control.

The mind needs this relief: to be carried and guided by “something greater than itself”. It can then “serve” our inner voice. While assuming its role, it can function more fully and more freely if the source of its inspiration comes from intuition, from that infinite and unique wisdom that is tailor-made for us. When a dialogue is established between your spirit and your inner voice, when each can find its right place and grow hand in hand, you’re ready to accomplish great and beautiful things. To follow your dreams, to express your full potential, who you really are. To draw your vision of yourself and transform yourself in the direction of it. With confidence, gentleness and kindness towards yourself.

« Perceive the soft, clear voice of our intuition. Listen to the new and unknown that it whispers in our ears, the wind of creation that can thus blow over our lives… and gradually tame any resistance our mind may have to following it. This process can be done with tenderness, both for ourselves and for our mind and inner voice. Let the dialogue begin, allowing them to tame each other and guide our lives, in the small as well as in the big things we have to do and choose every day. »

Key words to talk about Inner Voice or Intuition :

Body- Breath- Exhalation- Emotions- Intimate

Peace- Love – Wisdom -Guidance- Vision

Source- Inspiration- Creation- Unknown- Trust- Accompaniment

Truth- Authenticity- Plenitude- Joy

Beyond the Mind- Simplicity- Connection- Safety